Post Closing The Deal… What Else?

Now that you’ve already know the questions to ask yourself before accepting an offer, you’ll need to figure out what exactly to do right after you close the deal. But before you do that, support our sponsor by clicking on this banner –

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Just last week I managed to sell of two of my longest standing stocks, a duplex unit in Menara Pinang in KLCC and a studio unit in Sunway Vivaldi.

Selling your house without the help of a real estate agent can be very rewarding. You don’t have to share your earnings from the Malaysian home sale at all, and that’s a perfect way to define how something is very rewarding. Second of all, doing things FSBO gives you that certain feeling of accomplishment; that without the aid of a certified professional, you have accomplished all of the very difficult parts of home selling.

However, just as rewarding the FSBO experience is, it is also very challenging and can get very confusing for beginners. Oh, and please don’t forget about how very difficult it can be to curb your emotions when you get the very first offer and when you’ve closed an actual deal. And your relative cluelessness, assuming that you’re a first time FSBO home seller, might cause you tons of confusion as to what your next step should be.

So What’s Next?

And so here are some tips on what you should do next when you’ve accepted your buyer’s offer and you’ve practically closed the deal:

First, go to your real estate lawyer. A closed deal won’t ever be fully closed until you get your real estate attorney’s precious signature. So go and run towards your real estate lawyer to get every single paper work done and ready for the signatures. Don’t forget to bring your  signed offer to your attorney – that way, all the contingencies and other facts can be translated into the actual contract.

Next, go to your buyer’s mortgage lender. Set an appointment, bring the offer and the other proofs that your buyer is their client, and let them do the rest. I’m sure you did not let your house go without seeing a pre-approval from the Malaysian mortgage lender right?

In the meantime, prepare to move out. Depending on what you and your buyer have agreed on, you might have to make sure that you are more than ready to move out as soon as possible. You cannot be running around in haste when your buyer starts knocking on your door and decides to move in. Talk about getting your house getting ‘move-in’ ready, huh?

Settle all of the paperwork on your end, especially anything that concerns the land title. This is one of the most, if not the most important document related to home selling and home buying. This should, naturally, be your top priority as far as paperwork is concerned. Have everything, the deeds, the transfers, and all the title-related paperwork ready for transfer to its new owner.

Finally, remove all the necessary affiliation on the said address. Since you’re moving out and someone else is moving in, make sure your light, telephone, water and other service companies are informed. Oh, and that goes without saying that all your bills should already have been paid for before you leave. The last thing you want is your home buyer running after you for unpaid bills and bad client history!

So, are you ready to close the deal and move out? If you need help, contact SpringsRealEstateNetwork and we will help you. Our contact details are here.